Life in greyscale part – II

This post is continued from my previous blog post.

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A city that taught me to dream.

A small Himalayan village that taught me happiness.

My little friends who taught me to love.


And here’s to life, Cheers!

From finishing my so called college degree to getting my first job, then leaving my first job – in the past one year, a lot happened – Experienced some of the most devastating as well as beautiful experiences till date – my life changed a lot – I changed a lot. Made new friends, more importantly, grown a lot closer to the old ones. AFter spending one hell of a year, I felt like sharing something like this –

Life never goes by the plan. life has it’s own way of surprising us. One may not like the surprise every time. The best way to deal with such not-so-happy-surprises is to just accept them and move on.

Expectations are actually the root cause of all unhappiness.

Sulking and worrying about things never helps the situation. Try fixing it. Seek help if needed. Or just get some good ice cream.

Hobbies are the only things that keeps us going. Really.

Being thankful for what you have can actually make you feel good about yourself.

Forgiving is difficult. But, must be done!

Travelling is satisfying and blissful!

Success is perspective. So, is happiness.

There’s nothing worse than being with a bunch of negative and judgmental people.

Pets can be our perfect companions.

Being alone isn’t difficult if you’re happy.

Dwelling in a bad past will definitely ruin your present.

Sometimes giving up is not a bad thing.

Learning the difference between thinking and over thinking is very very important.

Doing something out of peer pressure is never good. It never made anyone happy. Never.

When in doubt, take a deep breath and then take one small step at a time. Trust me it helps.

Finally, Love. It’s better to love and be loved and lose it, than never having it.