Dooars: Escape to nature

Here I am again, in the lap of nature – amidst the lush green tea gardens, the beautiful mountain streams and unending dense forests.

The enchanting Dooars!

Located in the foothills of North-Eastern Himalayas.

Interesting fact: The name Dooars comes from the word “Duar” (which means Door) – This region has been the only gateway to the hill stations of North Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan & the North-Eastern states, and hence the name. 🙂

Here’s some of my favourite photographs I took on the trip:


Reached our destination at 4:30 am.


Open wide road


Entrance of Gorumara national park


Entering Gorumara national park


The national bird!

_MG_4265Pack of Bison grazing in the forest.


Salt pits for the wild animals


Stone picking by the Murti river.


The never ending stretch of tea gardens. Beautiful isn’t it?


More tea garden.


more 🙂


Jaldhaka river at Jhalong.


Jaldhaka river at Bindu


That’s Bhutan on the other side!


Murti river


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