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What do you do when you feel blue? some meet friends, maybe gulp ice cream or find solace in music. Me? well, I get high on movies. Anything caught on camera that I find intriguing keeps me tranquil. So, here goes my  ‘To Watch list’ for next couple of weeks! 1. Shala – A movie about teenage love, friendship in rural India in the 70s. I came across this movie very recently and the storyline attracted me instantly. images shala 2. Margarita, with a straw – I have been wanting to watch this movie ever since I heard the name. The story is even more ME than the name itself. Margarita,_with_a_Straw_-_poster 3. Children of heaven – Already seen it a couple of years back and have seldom seen such a gentle and warm movie. Have to watch it again! Children_of_heaven 4. Kaaka Muttai – This has been on the news for a few days, therefore adding this to the list 🙂 sDFSDDASFFSADS 5. When Marnie Was There – The Latest and most probably the last ( I hope not 😦 ) studio Ghibli productions film. I do not need any more reason to watch this. Omiode_no_Marnie_poster
Hoping to find more movies to add to the list. Until then this’ll keep me going! 😛 🙂


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